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In this article, we will try to provide you with information about Good Finance, which is a campaign that provides instant credit instead of the installment in Honest Bank and Thrift bank stores, and we will try to explain what is Good Finance in detail.

What is a Credit Card?


It is the convenience of citizens and it is generally described as a credit system, which enables shopping without any guarantee and voucher in Honest Bank and Thrift bank stores.

Good Finance credit system is an important and also necessary system that is used 24/7. 500 USD has been determined as the lower limit in your purchases and there is no upper spending limit. There is no product system selected and it can be used in all products in Honest Bank and Thrift bank stores.

How to apply?


The documents you need when applying for credit are the identity card and electricity, water, telephone or natural gas invoice issued on your behalf. In case you cannot present documents such as invoices, the residence document is also accepted. As a fast and practical credit utilization system, Good Finance also does not have any extra charges such as file costs and insurance fees.

What is the due date?


As in every credit system, it includes a certain amount of maturity in credit terms. For loans between 500 and 1500 USD, a term of up to 18 months for loans and up to 24 months for loans of 1500 USD and above is offered to customers.

You can have all the white goods and electronic devices branded with Good Finance, Honest Bank, and Thrift bank, or you can download the Good Finance application on your mobile phones. With the convenience it provides, Good Finance continues to make customers laugh.

How are the installment payments made?


In order to make credit installment payments, you need to apply to the banks below with the code given to you.

Banks to which credit repayment can be repaid;

In case you are unable to communicate with these banks, you can pay your installments regularly, with or without a card, from Honest Bank and GFI cashiers, Thrift and GFI ATMs. You can also make payments through contracted banks and through the internet and mobile branches of the banks.

To take advantage of the redidakik application, it is sufficient to tell the bank sales consultant that you want to take advantage of the credit punctual application.

Since no document such as an income certificate is requested, your transaction result will be reported to you by the sales consultant within minutes. The rest continues with the process of choosing the products you like. When your credit is approved, you can easily buy the product you want.

What are the required documents?


There are no situations such as expense, payment fees, guarantor and collateral in this loan. In Good Finance, first of all, we want to inform you that there is no loan allocation fee and also it is not made in insurance.

There is also no fee request under the name of file cost. For the application, only 2 documents are requested from you. The first one is the identity card. The other is any invoice covering the last three months registered in your name, but you can also provide a residence document.

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