Banks Giving Consumer Loans With Guarantee

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In order to be able to withdraw credit after being a lawyer, it is absolutely necessary to show various guarantees and to guarantee that the debt can be paid to the relevant bank.

This can only be possible by showing collateral, guarantor or mortgage. Therefore, it is imperative to use these methods in order not to respond negatively to the loan application due to the falling credit rating and delayed loan installment payments.

Banks Giving Consumer Loans With Guarantee

Banks Giving Consumer Loans With Guarantee

Banks have the opportunity to give credit to every consumer unless they are on the blacklist. However, borrowing in the current period or having ongoing installments will be a serious obstacle to using credit. Therefore, if it can guarantee that collateral shows of installment payments will be made available from each bank loan.

Among the conditions determined in order to benefit from the loan in question, there is a proof of income, guarantor, movable or immovable valuable goods collateral.

Leading banks that can use loans if these conditions are met. Loans can be used from other banks as well, but these are the most frequently used banks by collateral.

Is Credit Given To The Enforcement Officer?


As mentioned above, credits can be used while still in the administrative follow-up phase, but in the event of moving on to enforcement proceedings, no credit will be used. Because, if enforcement proceedings are initiated, a certain proportion of lien can be applied to the salary account of individuals and even if the income document can be declared, the figures in this document do not reflect the real income of the person.

In case of such a situation, it is useful to sit at the table with the borrowed bank and make various attempts to install the debt rather than trying to use new credit.

Otherwise, the entire debt will have to be paid at once and will be entered into the blacklist. In the case of a blacklist, it is not possible for any bank to make use of any credit or credit card products for 5 years.

How to Configure Debt?

How to Configure Debt?

Debt restructuring is a situation that takes place only when requests are sent to the bank. Therefore, in order to configure the existing debt, it is necessary to send a request to the unit responsible for the configuration through the call center or branches of the bank.

The most important detail to remember is that the lawyers also approve the debt transferred to the lawyer in installments, and this is often not possible for people with assets that can be foreclosed. Nevertheless, it would be beneficial to make various attempts to convey the configuration request and installment of the debt.

All this effort is not successful and if the foreclosure becomes definite, the sale of valuable goods should be made by the consumer and no foreclosures should be expected. During the foreclosure process, foreclosure is performed at a value much lower than the price that the goods can find buyers in the market. Therefore, the sale of the goods by the person and the debt to be paid in this way will seriously reduce the harm.

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